Friday, October 26, 2012

If I Die Today ..

assalamualaikum .

  • if i die today , tell my parents that i love them . tell them that i wanna ask forgiveness for my wrongs and mistakes . thanks for everything they give to me ^^

  • if i die today , tell Justin Bieber that i love him so much . thanks for being my inspiration all these years C:

  • if i die today , tell my friends that i love them . thankyou for being my superb friend and thankyou for care about me :)

  • if i die today , tell my crush that i wanna say thankyou for being the one that i want eventhough he dont know that he's my crush :P and i think the only one person who know about this is my bestfriend :)

  • if i die today , ask everyone all around the world to leave a prayer for me . 

let me express this eventhough it's useless . till then , bye .

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