Sunday, November 16, 2014

One || 20 dreams you have

  1. be a successful daughter 
  2. have a huge house with a pool, playground, library, big wardrobe, big kitchen, theater room and gym haha
  3. marrying fictional characters and boyband members 
  4. granted with millions dollars in my bank acc 
  5. have an own car
  6. have unlimited internet data 
  7. live in west bc i want cold weather and seasonal change
  8. have a british accent
  9. faithful and super sweet husband ahah everyone does want this so yeah
  10. travelling anytime i want 
  11. have a great voice and become a popular singer lol 
  12. meet adored boybands members, musicians and actress
  13. have friends from across the world 
  14. better future bc i dont know whats coming next 
  15. be boundless and infinite
  16. free movies streaming and free original songs download
  17. having an adorable and cute and sweet and long-lasting relationship
  18. get a great job without attending university and without sitting excessive unnecessary tests
  19. automatically filled-fridge whenever it's out of stock 
  20. have people respect, appreciate and love me
this sounds more like a wishlist but who cares lol bye

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