Thursday, December 31, 2015



long time no see, huh? got too busy with life, lol ayat nak cakap ada life. it's the last day of this year weh. rasa macam tak percaya pun ada. yala kan, rasa macam baru semalam celebrate new year, tapi tengok esok dah nak masuk 2016. time flies, aku ni yang tak flying colors lagi. ada kaitan kan? dah jangan cakap hambar.

okay actually i am in the middle of study week and i have exams starting from 4/1. sebenarnya boleh nak sedapkan hati cakap exam tahun depan, tapi start esok takleh dah cakap tahun depan, sebab dah memang tahun depan. dan masa study week la segala benda nak datang distract orang nak study. i've been sitting on this chair since 7pm kot and now it's 2.33am and i only revise 3 lines of notes. how wonderful is that? so freakin wonderful that i couldnt even say a thing. 

butsssss cuti sem is coming soon and i cant wait for it because i've suffered enough this sem and i need to unwind by eating semenanjung food. though there's so much going on in my house but i'd prefer to be there. at least i got some people joke around and to talk to. it's just like 10 days more and i cant contain my excitement. 

actually my excitement level could be more high than it is right now because i've planned a short getaway months ago and the plan was going so well but, yes there's a but in every line. but then both of us went silent about it until today and i dont think this plan is going to work. sakai what happened to our plan? explain it please HAHAHAHAHA. 

okay la i think that's enough. tunggu next year punya entry baru okay. hahahaha. pray for my final, pray for my laziness to go away, and pray for my hungriness to come only when i got food in my hand. hahahaha bye.

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